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Handicap Lift Requirements

On July 23rd, 2010 a new ADA regulation was signed into law called ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The law goes into effect on March 15th, 2011 and compliance is required by March 15th, 2012.
This law affects all new and existing public swimming pools and spas.

*Swimming pools with less than 300 linear feet of pool wall must have at least one primary mean of entry - handicap lift or sloped entry.


*Swimming pools with more than 300 linear feet of pool wall must have two means of entry - at least one of them must be primary. The primary means of entry must be either a sloped entry or a pool lift capable of being independently operated by a person with a disability. The secondary means of entry can include a pool lift, sloped entry, transfer wall, transfer system, or pool stairs.


*The main requirements of pool lifts are:

   1.) The user must be able to operate it independently

   2.) It must have foot rests.